7 Ways To Create The Best Vision Board (Updated for 2023)


Wow, Is it just me or are we all in disbelief that we are less than 1 week into 2023? 2022 gave the majority of us clear vision on what it is that we did not want or what it is that we wish we had; Do you Agree? If so, I am sure you are planning a Vision board party or creating your own Vision. Without Vision the people will perish. Vision boards are daily reminders and a great tool to design the life we desire.  

It is essential that we know the exact ways to create the best year possible. How do we do that? By creating a Vision Board of the life we want to have and absolutely desire. Here are 7 ways that will give you an outline of how to create the Best Vision Board for 2023!  

  1. Visualize your dream life! 
  2. Know your Why! 
  3. Set the time and the Tone.
  4. Choose your board & Gather all of your supplies. 
  5. Make a decision to change 
  6. Choose where to put your vision board.
  7. Expect your vision board to come true & Do The WORK Baby Do the Work!

The last 7 years as a Work from Anywhere Coach, Lifestyle Influencer & Entrepreneur I have helped thousands create the Vision board of their dreams and help those dreams become a reality utilizing these 7 ways & My Free Visionboard Workbook Guide. Click the link above for a free download and complete guide to creating the Best 2023 Vision Board.

Pamela Pacheco

Pamela Pacheco

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