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I heard from one of my mentors in Commercial banking it is important for you to have a mentor in any business you want to be successful in. In fact, in any area of life where you want to maximize your potential it is always best to follow someone that has what you want to get the same results. He or she who is smart learns from his or her mistakes, however he or she who is wise learns from the mistakes of others.

Mentorship will not only put the mirror in your face, hold you accountable, raise awareness and hold you accountable but inevitably will force you to level up and become in alignment with the highest version of yourself. It is necessary to have someone that can raise the lid for you to soar. I am Grateful to have mentors in every area of life Business, Faith, Fitness, Mindset, Wealth etc. even more grateful because having the right mentors will put you in the right rooms, right conversations, and right positions.

I was blessed enough to have opportunities to speak at events around the world like Cali, Colombia, San Juan Puerto Rico, Montego Bay, Jamaica just because someone mentioned my name without me being in the room. I Thank God for Amazing mentors! It is an absolute Blessing to have people that genuinely care about you beyond business but will always make it their business to go beyond for you. Make sure you are the person that they can count on too. Grateful for mentors that I can count on to help me grow in areas that I of dire necessity.

When you are a great person, servant leader and just love leaving people better than how you found them you will end up in situations you only dreamed of and usually at the right place at the right time. Be grateful for your mentors for they see the best in you and will help bring the best out of you. Be coachable, teachable and a pleasure to work with.

Stay Humble, Stay Hungry, No Ego No Excuses. God Bless. 

Pamela Pacheco

Pamela Pacheco

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