Mindset Matters Hacks For COVID-19


Mindset Matters.

What you focus on the longest becomes the strongest. What you focus on is what you will follow. Do not let what you can’t control, control you. Let me explain. How many times during this global pandemic have we found ourselves drifting to places that do not serve us. Whether it be influenced by TV, social media and or our Family and neighbors.

It is so important to snap out of it right when it happens. Your mindset is where your mind sits, so do not let it sit too long in places that contribute to fear, doubt, insecurities, or any uncertainty whatsoever instead shift your mindset to something positive. Shift your focus and choose to change your state. Read a Book, watch something motivational, say affirmations, incantations, workout or physical activity, practice Gratitude by saying a few things you are grateful for. Do your best to do Anything that is going to raise your vibrations.

Control what you can Control, your thinking, your words, your actions, your feelings instead of letting the things you cannot control you. Energy matters and Where Energy goes, energy flows.  

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Pamela Pacheco

Pamela Pacheco

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