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Travel transforms you from the inside out. Every experience, every new culture, every new interaction with a person from another walk of life around the world gives you a different taste of traditions, customs, norms unlike your own. It not only broadens your perspective of different people from around the world but simultaneously grows your love for people.

I went from being that Dominican Afro Latina girl that never traveled anywhere except to The Dominican Republic to now being blessed to have traveled the world. I remember traveling to Bali, Indonesia for my 32nd Birthday and having one of the most surreal experiences with one of the people from the local villages that not only made it one of the most memorable moments but transformed me forever. Travel with me: as I was on an expedition hiking the Srogsogan Blangsinga waterfall, it was one of the hottest days ever, I did not dress prepared for the treacherous heat and needed to buy a change of clothes urgently. I decided to stop in one of the local huts that were stores along the village before the waterfall.

I walked in this store that had bright blue and yellow summer dresses that looked perfect for the occasion. I was welcomed by a warm smile of a woman with one baby on her hip and holding a toddler’s hand. I began playing with a baby while his mom was helping me find a dress. As I walked further in the store, I noticed she had a beauty salon, massage parlor and kitchen all in the same place. I asked how many people work here. She said just me, sometimes my mom or sister help out. She said I wear many hats and offer all different services because I never know what need I may need to tend to today, that will bring food to the table for my family of 7. My jaw dropped; not only was she the manager of a retail clothing and apparel store, but she was also the chef, masseuse, stylist too.

She later went on to tell me she learned and developed so many traits because she wanted to find a way to come to America and applied for her Visa (and paid) over 7 times with denial every time. We had a great conversation, and it was cool I came to find out the baby I was carrying Sameer and I had the same birthday, it explains the instant chemistry. Beyond a great connection, the conversation humbled me and made me reflect on how many times we take life for granted focusing on the things we wish we had or having too many opportunities to choose from when they are people that are fighting tooth and nail just to get an opportunity at a shot in America.

I could not help but be overwhelmed with gratitude, humility and thankfulness for such a great experience and reminder to be Grateful for all that we have access to, the limitless opportunities and Freedom!  


Pamela Pacheco

Pamela Pacheco

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